How-To: Lotus Notes 8.01 on Ubuntu 8.04 (alpha5)

After some time I’ve managed to get my Notes 8 working again, and then I choose to complicate my life again: upgrade to 8.01.

Some minor things to explicit before anyone reading here mess up his PC/distro/whatsoever: Ubuntu 8.04 (codename Hardy Heron) is ACTUALLY on alpha state, so it isn’t a stable OS to use for Notes. Although I’ve decided to make a try.

This How-To is a revised version of the older ones, but there’s really nothing hard on installing Lotus Notes in the last times, IBM has done a great work both on setup and client, even on unsupported platform like Ubuntu (planned to be supported for the 8.5 Notes release).

First Steps

Untar the archive, you can do it on a folder on your desktop without problem. Open a terminal, and then login as root with:
$ sudo -i
Now your shell say you’re root, even if it is disabled.


With your “root” shell go to your desktop (your Desktop, not root) enter the folder where you untarred the installer and launch:
# chmod +x
# ./

Now, sometimes things are easy, sometimes not. I’ve encountered a little problem with the bundled JRE, the installer was dumping hard with an error like this:
java: xcb_xlib.c:82: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed.
After a bit of googling I’ve found this, then typed in shell this:
This solved the problem for me, my upgrade (and I bet that a clean install does not differ) gone good.


Yes, later, in terms of too much minutes when your Installshield has done Its work you can clean up your system. First:
# exit
This will close your “root” session, you don’t need it anymore. Then I advise to remove the installation files you have untarred.
Start Notes with the icon that should be appeared on your desktop or menu, with your user, do not use sudo or anything else. Even if you’re upgrading from 8 or just doing a clean install do not despair if loading times are too long, simply wait, it take ages to load the first time, next one will be faster.

Enjoy your Notes

    • Fabio
    • 10 marzo 2008

    Ho seguito i tuoi consigli per installare lotus notes client 8.0.1 sulla ubuntu
    alpha 5, poi ho dovuto rifare la macchina ed ho installato l’alpha 6. Ho
    nuovamente lo stesso problema pur settando la variabile LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK
    grazie ciao

  1. Prima cosa, usa la Lotus Notes 8.01, secondo segui questa procedura

    • Mohammed Husamuldeen
    • 5 febbraio 2009

    Locking assertion failure. Backtrace:
    #0 /usr/lib/ [0x96c087c7]
    #1 /usr/lib/ [0x96c08891]
    #2 /usr/lib/ [0x9627c494]
    #3 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/xawt/ [0x9683227c]
    #4 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/xawt/ [0x9681d7f6]
    #5 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/xawt/ [0x9681d955]
    #6 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/xawt/ [0x9681db86]
    #7 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7dd4d52]
    #8 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb782b3da]
    #9 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb783380a]
    #10 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb782b3da]
    #11 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb783380a]
    #12 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7dff064]
    #13 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7dac168]
    #14 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7dfdb29]
    #15 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7e6c117]
    #16 /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ [0xb7ff750f]
    #17 /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ [0xb7f567ee]
    Locking assertion failure. Backtrace:
    #0 /usr/lib/ [0x96c087c7]
    #1 /usr/lib/ [0x96c0896e]
    #2 /usr/lib/ [0x9627b619]
    #3 /usr/lib/ [0x96271666]
    #4 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/xawt/ [0x9681cbe4]
    #5 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/xawt/ [0x9681cddd]
    #6 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/xawt/ [0x9681da01]
    #7 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/xawt/ [0x9681db86]
    #8 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7dd4d52]
    #9 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb782b3da]
    #10 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb783380a]
    #11 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb782b3da]
    #12 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb783380a]
    #13 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7dff064]
    #14 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7dac168]
    #15 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7dfdb29]
    #16 /tmp/istemp7681036144355/_bundledJRE_/jre/bin/ [0xb7e6c117]
    #17 /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ [0xb7ff750f]
    #18 /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ [0xb7f567ee]
    The installer is unable to run in graphical mode. Try running the installer with the -console or -silent flag.

  2. @above:
    Yeah, that’s really clear 🙂

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