Support for Lotus Notes on Ubuntu (Wine emulations and native version, ALL release)

This post is for clarifying some aspect of installing Lotus Notes on Ubuntu. I’m sure that this apply to ALL release of Lotus Notes Client and Server (Domino) and to ALL version of Ubuntu altready released. I’ve noticed in my dashboard/statistics that ppl search for something like “lotus notes ubuntu support”, be assured that i’m writing this post ‘cause i’ve read that too many time, too much to make me worry that something wasn’t too clearly explicited before. So, LOTUS NOTES CLIENT and LOTUS DOMINO SERVER aren’t supported on UBUNTU, IBM do not give support nor Canonical. Sad but true. And this is true even for the native client, depending on release supported platform are SLED/SLES and REDHAT (sadly, fedora isn’t in). I’m not saying what IBM planned for the future, but as far as we know and IBM stated (search notes/domino8 official beta forum) they will not give official support except for SLED/SLES and Redhat.


  1. But the Wine team will give unofficial support for
    problems running the Windows versions on Linux.


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