[OUTDATED]Install Lotus Notes 8 Beta 3 on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn – Step by Step

IMPORTANT: if you are here and want to try to install Notes 8 BETA3 then continue read, otherwise if you want to install final release of Notes 8 (known as GOLD) or later I think is better use THIS HOW-TO .

The original Step-by-Step guide was posted on official Lotus Notes 8 Beta Forum. Here is at your disposal the italian version.

BEWARE: this is a translation from italian text, i’m used to read and translate FROM english not TO english, so forgive me errors that you can encounter and please suggest me any correction you will find useful.

Open your preferred bash and go to your desktop directory, i suppose you have downloaded there the .tar file for beta3 install.

$ sudo ln -sf bash /bin/sh

Firts step, and one of the most important otherwise installer will fault with “Generic LSE etc…” (this is not true for all, waht is true is that you get some error for sure), so we’re substituting DASH with BASH for the time of beta 3 install procedure (DASH is default in /bin/sh for Ubuntu).

$ mkdir notes8b3install
$ cd notes8b3install
$ tar xvf ../notes8_linux_beta3_prod.tar
$ sudo ./setup.sh

We launched the setup process, i have no hints, my line was “all default”, with the except for WHAT to install, i chosen to install ALL the features. When setup has ended (i’m hoping you’ll get an “all ok!” message type, ‘cause here i have no idea how aiding you in troubleshooting) DO NOT launch Notes. First of all: you probably don’t see Notes icons, ‘cause Gnome haven’t refreshed his configuration, BUT ppls reported that in some case there weren’t icons even after gnome restart. That’s good for us because have to do some step before. A side note, mine setup created launcher icons, but the Notes one was broken.

Next step:

$ sudo rm ~/lotus -r -d
$ sudo rm ~/Lotus -r -d

This was needed to clean your preferences, located in your home dirs, because setup has gone mad and created invalid ones. Worst, permission were invalid (i think this is a drawback of using SUDO, documentation says that setup must be executed by root user, using SUDO isn’t the same thing, similar but not the same). Original how-to says to rename dirs, i think that’s better removing ‘cause you will never get anything useful and thus you have a more clean environment, Notes will recreate it as needed.

Now we will correct permission in /etc/lotus:

$ sudo chmod -R 777 /etc/lotus

Original author suggest that 755 will be valid, i ain’t tested yet, so try if you want.
At last we launch notes (from shell, IMPORTANT: NO SUDO):

$ /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/notes

My first run ended with a UI freeze, second try was better. It will start client configuration, nothing really different what we’re used to know for prevs versions.
If you really want you can correct launcher icon on Gnome panel (if you have, otherwise it will appear on next machine restart, if you are lucky) and write down the line you used in shell for running Notes.

I suggest that you restore DASH link in your Ubuntubox (otherwise you have a chanche of getting weird problem when updating your distro):

$ sudo ln -sf dash /bin/sh

End of How-To 😀 Have Fun!

UPDATE: thanks to another italian blogger for these hints, actually Sun JREs seems to give some problem to Notes, 2 users aren’t an army, but they’re better than nothing, and these workaround have at least 2 positive feedbacks, so if you have some stability issue I suggest to uninstall ALL Sun JRE, and then:

$ sudo update-alternatives –config java

With that shell command you have to ensure that the configured standard JRE is GCJ (free Gnu JRE), if not, select it.

  1. Oggi mi sono intestardito e ho cercato di far “rotolare” bene la beta 3 sulla mia macchina Feisty … risultato ho problemi con la sun-java6-plugins installata. L’ho rimosso ed il client frulla che è un piacere , è anche veloce. Tu hai avuto problemi con questo pacchetto e la beta 3?

  2. Mo faccio un controllino e poi ti dico :), effettivamente l’ho installata, potrei rollbacckare alla 5, stasera ci provo, mo devo finire un agente prima 😛

  3. Allora, per il momento sembra stabile, mi sono limitato a rimuovere il pacchetto plugin, come da te indicato, mo vediamo se regge mezza giornata senza crashare.

  4. uhmmm…it’s some time that this post i on my top-ten on “post hit” view, just casual google search or someone have found this useful?

  5. Brilliant guide thanks very much….!

    Be interesting to see how you go upgrading to the full version now its released. I ended up going back to 7.0.2 and running under wine, I found 8B3 was just to sluggy and I really needed my admin and dev clients back.

    Thanks again Coort


  6. Actually i have 8 basic version under wine, and 8 native…i think 8 can be a good product, and for sure i’ll test it, but i’m not sure to do an upgrade, i was thinking if it isn’t better erase all and reinstall from scratch, not only for it’s problems, but i’m on an unsupported platform so i fear that upgrade operation can give some problem…
    BTW you cite “administrator”, actually i found two unsolved problem (at least for me): first is console that crash and spawn NSD near instantly if i try to use it, next is recertify that hang all (NSD will not appear, but you can’t use the client anyway), you find a solution for these?

  7. Yah, just run into both issues.. thats disappointing..

    Oh well, looks like I will just have to run it all inside a VM…


  8. This worked perfectly. I am using the Lotus Notes Gold 8 with Ubuntu 7.04 X86 Fiesty Fawn. Thank you!

  9. @Richard
    I hope you used the guide for gold version (linked above), actually is much simpler and more clean than this beta one.

  10. Make sure you do not have SCIM installed or Notes will fail to load correctly.

  11. @oliver
    Thanks for the advice 🙂

  12. Sorry for the delay, i was away for a WE of skiing 🙂 (your comments was “antispammed” and placed in the moderation queue).

    Some hints: actually i have upgraded my machine from 7.04 to 7.10 without reinstalling notes, it worked anyway.

    Later i’ve reinstalled the final release instead of beta3, this is the correct post (it solve some permission issue if you use “sudo”). Even if version was 7.04 i think does not change for 7.10

  13. someome can help me to give me tutor how install lotus note in Ubuntu

  14. @Peter
    If you click on “Lotus Notes” category on right sidebar you’ll fiund all mi how-to and tips and trick about LN and Ubuntu

  15. [Edit by Coort: ok, I don’t require that you spek/write in italian, but at least comment in english or I will censure every comment I can’t understand, because I can’t provide moderation on content -Thanks!-]

    • emagiladeli
    • 15 luglio 2011

    [Edit by Coort: ok, I don’t require that you speak/write in Italian, but at least comment in english or I will censure every comment I can’t understand, because I can’t provide moderation on content -Thanks!-]

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